How To Start Dropshipping with no Money in 2020

dropshipping with no money literally starting with $0 and you can start making money online well my name is Akash Kumar in this PostI'll share my secrets with you how you can get started online with literally no money no Shopify fees none of that I'm making this post so you guys can copy my secrets and start generating thousands of dollar online so you can finally, quit your job and buy something good to use shoes for yourself cuz I love Gucci shoes but I haven't bought one all right so let's not wasting time let's get to the point

How To Start Dropshipping with no Money in  2020

 dropshipping with no money for beginners very first step make sure to smash the share button this is the best way to get rich make sure to smash the share button alright jokes aside first step it's not a step it's the basic so starting with zero dollar Tips so what you want to do is first sign up through Shopify partners so usually, people sign up through you want to sign up through Shopify partners all you want to do is go on to Google and search Shopify partners and then you just log in and fill up your information and then just let them know that you are creating a development store so there are Shopify partners in there you create a Shopify development store it's

Shopify Free trail With 30 days Enjoy

 literally free development search it's free till you get first 50 orders so your first 50 orders should be enough to pay for the Shopify trial after that sign up through Shopify partners if you want free access to Shopify till you get 50 orders second step just use a Shopify domain this is not recommended but if you're in a budget I would tell you to go out there just use a Shopify domain if you're selling a wallet just get your domain wallet to dot my Shopify comp because of you gotta understand when people are buying

stuff on Shopify or online through Instagram they can't even see that domain it's just literally few letters it really doesn't matter just to provide that doesn't matter I'm gonna go into Next Step and look at this look at their page name is literally nothing has to do with anything Yama dot p and it's a lady picture and this product is completely different literally, a massage gun and you go to their shop look at their name Argonaut shop it I mean it does matter but if you're just starting out it's not the biggest

the deciding factor it's your copy ad copy and the product so don't overthink ins just use a shop file domain just use wallet dot my Shopify or whatever product you are selling and then look at their title it's super ugly but it's still working for them how I know it's working for them look at this twelve million views in a month so they're scaling that out of this ad so you want to listen to me and just don't overthink it just skip over the shop right I mean for now till you get your first 50 orders then you want to only stick to free apps over low you're gonna definitely need that it's free to connect to Aliexpress then you want to use out of view what is review is it's basically an app to get reviews on your store and it's literally free

you can go to pricing and you can see it's a free plan right there free forever and I think it's the best app this is I still use it I right now have a basic plan but it's free we'll get you started and you can add pictures to your reviews and super easy to set up and then you go to the sales pop mastery I used to use beekeeping software's but you know how they're artists ratified it they kick them out so use this it's a good agency tool if you just want to get started it gets you a little timer just some pops here and there so that should be good next how you find products with $0 on my budget you want to use this app's product research app so first one is the product list genie so it product lessee me has an 8-day free trial but

remember you need to put your credit card details

 in but all you have to do is sign up for the free trial and then just after 5-6 days when you have a list of a product just cancel it this is how they look product list genie right here and you can see it's free for the first eight days if you sign up for the trial and then it's 97. 97 but share I said after 7 days just cancel that next one is dropship spy drop the spy is only $50 but share I say we're gonna start with $0 so just sign up for

dropship spy just all the products they have in there just write them down or make a new note pad write them there and right after 24 hours just send them an email hey can I get a refund I would share I just changed my mind I would share to cancel them they do offer a refund I have done it before when I was broke I was starting out I did I have done this last year so I think they still allow your next one is hard

product store IO they literally have a seven-day free trial so you just type in hard products or an IOM just do you do try for seven days and just hop on the trail and it should be easy you know just to get the products put them on your store and just cancel your trial or cancel your subscription so you should be good and then I would highly recommend opening up a credit card if you don't have one open up a simple going easy going if you have bad credit just go to your checking account open a checking card at

US bank and they should let you open another credit card within share a month it's highly recommended because we all we are doing all this to get you some sales so you can go hop on Facebook ads and really scale that out of the store so remember to open up a credit card alright not only this gets to the meats and potato how you gonna get traffic to your store you know that's what everyone wants to know so first step is posted on Facebook groups what I mean with that is let's say you pick up a product and you what

you want to do is you want to find similar pages that let you post on there so let's say you have a fitness product right or you are promoting a posture corrector so what you want to do is just go here and then find pages share this see another one Jim levers group pages you know where they let you post there's a lot of groups and they will let you post up share I can literally post right now and say hi my name is Akash Kumar

whatever you know saying you can even post a picture or whatever so you want to utilize these groups and use this exact copyright here hey I've been using this product let's say I mean using poster corrector and it has really changed my physique and my body I'll post before-and-after pictures for you guys or you can just kind of get some pictures from online and just post them on there and then I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family and then just put the link to your store and boom

you should be good and does you have to do this 20 pages not just one page 20 pages every single day to start seeing some results because you can't understand if you're going with the free method it's gonna require more work remember if it's free it requires more work so post every day at least in 20 groups and just let's just go over it if this is the things with posting on Facebook groups it only works 

with certain products you know there's gonna be certain products you just cannot promote on things I don't know I cannot think or let's say bottle I cannot really think of any pages where you can just
promote the bottles you know what I'm saying it's kind of crazy so use this copy and again with posting on Facebook groups there's no guarantee it's a hit or miss you know to remember that it's hit or miss so when you post on these groups there's our admin so they might see that that you were doing that over and over again and you're

 promoting your the product they might ban you from the groups

 so that's just the downside of this and it's really really really hard to scale with posting on Facebook group but it's still a great way to get started and start making that money start getting some sales alright let's get to the next step step to grow organically on Instagram so what I mean by that is you literally grow a page on Instagram in the same niche and then you start promoting products on there definitely share I said you can see here difficulty the level is really really easy but it takes time you know it took me about 65 days to scale to 10k followers and you need about 3 to 4 K followers to really start

seeing some sales so I would say it would take you about 30 to 35 days till you series really start seeing some sales coming in but it's really consistent once you see sales coming in you can literally push this product and it's sometimes some products just pop off and make you quick thousand dollars literally about one post it will just go wild cuz it's in the same niche and boom you made a lot of money so this is a good consistent way to make money so how do you grow on Instagram let's go over it so first you

want to do is pick a niche you know why this isn't a boy letters I'm in capital letters because the niche is very very important you gotta pick a niche you cannot just stop posting random product picking and then create a new account because Instagram really really shared when you make a new account and then you suddenly start blasting it doesn't share sitting all the counts so you wanna pick a niche and create a new account but this is exactly how I grow my pages you wanna buy a thousand fake followers from
cheap websites just to give that social proof and you want to start following some people in the same niche let's say if you're in the beauty industry what I will do I would just find some girls who do makeup  posts and I'll go through the shares and follow follow follow follow follow follow follow the help of people and then remember you got a repost five to seven times a day five to seven times there every

single day or that consistently post how do you find those  posts to post it's pretty easy when you create a new account make sure to go to hashtag and search if you're in a mutinous search hashtag beauty and start the following hell the big influencers and then you will trigger the Instagrams algorithm and it will start showing you a content related to beauty and you just kind of copy-paste those  posts and you just post

there five to seven times the base use hashtags on your pictures when you're just starting out in the same relationship here I share to say that we are taking the beauty example so I would do hashtag beauty and there's a lot of websites online you can literally do find hashtags for certain niche and you put one hashtag and it will give you a bunch of related hashtags so it will probably give you a hashtag College and a hashtag Kim Kardashian hashtag lipgloss has that hashtag pink hashtag Victoria's Secret all this stuff it's

really easy to find hashtag it will take you about 10 to 12 days till your start your post start seeing some traction they should they 10 to 12 this for your post to start going viral so just be patient keep posting always have something on your story very very important because when people see your post arm explore page they click on your feed and if you have something on the story it's just a little impression in

their head that's an active page and they want to follow you because you're active and you already have thousand fake followers so they're gonna think oh other people are following it I'm a follow this person and do and then after you get to 3k followers make sure add the link in bio and promote some kind of products every three to five days on your post and you'll see your audience getting used to it and them

 start buying stuff right now um I want to show you my Instagram followers

 all right as you can see we are on Instagram calm and I will go to my profile right here and you'll see boom I have a lot of followers not a lot of followers but this is a good amount of followers 42.5 follows and I have another page where I have 15k followers I'm currently making about 5k every single month pretty consistently from this Instagram pages because it's really easy I just have the linking bar I literally have don't have to do anything I just have my VA upload the  posts on there and I just collect the profit I don't have a specific store for this I just have my main store and I run Facebook as to this but it's always

good to having 5k extra coming in every single month it's kind of share passive at this point so I really share this method but remember it takes time to grow it took me 65 days to grow to 10k followers so and I still, only get a share of about 100 to 120 to 150 dollars of sales every single day so that kind of stacks up but sometimes you can post some shout outs and them go viral and you can make 500 in a single day alright next I'm gonna share some famous niches where you can start Instagram page travel really good

the niche you know you should know that just usually travel niches  posts of people traveling around the world a lot of cool places Beach mountains all that drone pictures all that catenate you should know that dog funny dog post goes or people are really emotionally connected in that kind of content barbara lot of coin crazy on the hair making crazy hairstyle doing this weave stuff a lot of waves stuff haircuts all that stuff is super Poppin Fitness super popping just random fitness  posts you know and I'll listen is I'm

discussing super easy to find content share you can repost from other people beauty share I say lip gloss all that stuff crazy beauty  posts and then there's this new genre cringy funny  posts are is if you go on a well start you'll see this or if there are these funny  posts that makes absolutely no sense but for some reason people some people just love it and they go crazy millions of views so get them, Quincy, you can go on world star and you'll see they post a lot of these cringy funny  posts I don't share they but they go

wider than to make you money so why not but the problem with these four I'm gonna discuss the last four it's more general Instagram pages so it's sometimes got a little harder if you're small to make money cause how these pages mostly make money they have millions of followers and you post a shout-out and some people light in you end up making money but this one these first six they're really

good if you want to stay in a niche next one it means just a lot of memes you know that funny meme  posts or written mean  posts just some written format meme type tik-tok  posts this is the new Jan or a new master the worst out of all of them but these are going crazy right now people absolutely love them I have sometimes things they're funny to do now they're getting funnier so it's just up memes and I really kinda share them nudity nearly is a big niche on Instagram little there's a new genre of funny nudity  posts where girls are kind of showing their boobs and ass and just trying to be funny but they're really not funny and then there's another one it's literally model pages where you just literally blast a bunch of naked ass tits all the naked pictures all of them on the thing and those are really famous and it isn't easy to grow the next step make sure to comment on this  post drops it with no money this is the

 best way to make 500$ a day no work required

 just comment on this  post drops you mean no money and you should be set for life do it right now all right let us get to the step number three send DM on Instagram so this is a really really really effective method to make money and I kind of share it too so this is what you want to do send dance on Instagram and you just let them know hey you want to buy my product all this and I'll get in the details

in a minute so this is the people you want to send it wanna send DM s-- to people who have three pop vog 3k plus followers but try to keep it people under 100k cause if they have hundred any followers chances are they get a lot of the end so you wanna stick with people who were under 100 I would say even putting it under 40k and the people who have more than 3k followers send diems who else

remember you can only send 18 messages on your Instagram every 10 to 18 hours so what you want to do is create multiple accounts around your Shopify page or with a sharp 4 5 website and just send a bunch of them so that way let's say you create five pages now you can send 90 messages every 10 to 18 hours you want to aim for people who post a lot of pictures a lot of good-looking pictures and it's usually a lot of goods you know the people who were actively making themselves look on good Instagram


chances are they would be interested in your offer because they love this thing it shares a new cloud thing or a company reached out to I'm so cool so you want to use that how do I usually find people to send names I usually go through shares if I'm in a beauty niche I'll go through Kylie Jenner's share and see find some girls who have a million two to three or four or five million followers and then I go through their shares and see all the girls who are trying to promote themselves first love their content and just scroll through that same with the hashtag I use the hashtag and I'll see all the girls who are posting similar

content in that niche I'm looking to promote and just go through me super time-consuming but again free method I read up but a free whenever it's free it usually takes more work so that's why you have to go through shares, you have some times of comments you have good to hashtags usually the best way to for me I seem to find this go to share an influencer who have 4 or 5 million followers and then go through their comments you'll see there will be some comments that got share 20 to 40 to 60 to 80 200 shares those are the people you want to aim for because those are usually people who got 20 40 50 K

How To Start Dropshipping with no Money in  2020

followers and who are coming up and people kind of recognize them that's why they're comet has so many shares so let's just get to what do you wanna send to these people you should be curious what I'm gonna say to these people so these are different types of the way you can sell these people to make money first one you want to send them free item but you charge for shipping so how that usually works is you send people a damn share for the launch of our new product we have chosen a couple people to send free items in exchange for pictures and you have been selected Congrats please use the link in our bio to claim your free item and feel free to send us pictures and  posts with the product so they go 2 years so people you have to spend a lot of names and people will go through your link and you even let them know please let me know if you have any questions so they will ask you questions if they haven't had any but usually, they'll go to the click and Link in your bio and they will go to your website and they'll see your free product and then you just wanna in your product let's say if it's lip gloss your lip gloss

influencer edition just in the brackets and just great for $0 and they'

ll do $0 check out and then you do see or $9.99 shipping they might buy it and or they might send you a DM back be share hey it's paid for shipping what about that or something you just kind of try to tell them to be share hey yeah it we are just letting we just want you to cover the cost of shipping we want to go we'll be covering the cost of items let us know if that's fine with you that's one way right second we're doing a giveaway the young people share hey nice meeting you if you want to

say that blah blah ha here whatever her name her or his name is hail with Victor or Victoria we you have been selected to enter our giveaway all you have to do is comment on our recent picture and tag 3 friends and you just let them know if they win what they get if you win you will get our product free and we will give you a $75 gift card please comment on our recent picture and tag 3 friends if you want to enter the competition or something share that and you'll see a lot of people start coming in most of the people don't fall for this but a lot of people will and they'll start commenting under your percent picture

make sure your page has a lot of pictures and they'll comment down there and then what you do is after 3 or 4 days you just DM all those people back all the people who have commented you hey you didn't really sorry that you didn't win their competitions but just to make up for that here is a discounted code and you just give them a discount code on your store and people just feel super happy give up 50% discomfortable and they'll feel super happy and they'll go buy your product so that's another way to get free sales another one is works really good for girls are guys who have more than 8 to 10 K followers and who were trying to pop and get a thousand shares and think they are the and they got some clout

exclamation mark so what you want to do is send them iridium and ask for a shout out in return of item so you're gonna literally send them the item for free or you can charge them shipping whatever this is your up to you what however your sales skills are for me what I did I just send an item free to share hey please go to my store I want to send you items in return can you please give me a shout-out on your page and most people in that range share 5k 10k to 15 carries they love to do that love free products

and they'll give you a shot at after you get the product all they have to do is sit share this and just pick a cool picture with glasses or beauty whatever the product is and you should get some sales next one is sending three items no charge for shipping literally sending the item to people and hope that they will post your picture next one is we this copy way is super great looking for brand ambassadors you send people this TM hey we are looking for brand ambassadors and you are the perfect fit for our brand we would really love to work with you if you want to be selected to be part of eye cream, please go to the 
link in our bio and buy our product and send us some pictures of you with the product let's say if it's a bracelet and has some pictures with the bracelet and we'll let you and we would love to represent you or we would love to work with you or something share that and a lot of people would go thinking they are the brand ambassador and believe me or not a lot of these girls especially girls they love their discharge the new cloud them telling people that they got hit by a company that they want to be a brand ambassador because the cool thing of being a brand ambassador so people love that so use this strategy to sending it telling people hey I want you to be my brand ambassador buy my

 product and this copy really works

great I'll repeat my copy for you guys hey we are looking for so for some brand ambassador for our company and you are the perfect fit for that we would really love to work with you please click the link in our bio and buy our products and send us some cool pictures of yourself and we would be so happy to work with you please let us know if you have any questions this is the magic copy and it works great the share I said you have to send a lot of names remember out of hundred people that visit your store usually the conversion rate is between two to five percent so remember it's gonna be really shitty

 conversion rate but you're starting out free and you have up to 56 until you don't have to pay anything so you have to hustle this out and go out there and make money I know a lot of people probably have the question hey what would I recommend out of all this all these are great but the problem with this all these are they take a lot of time and I love not wasting time so I hate to waste my time so basically what I would do if I had nothing I have no money this is how I would exactly do I would save up 100 to 300 dollars and especially if you live in the USA United Kingdom's or any developed countries you know that making 100 to 300 dollars in a week or two weeks it's really not that big of a deal you can easily make

 that just by getting a job at McDonald's or a shitty job you can literally do that even with backward countries you can make a hundred to three hundred dollars it's really not that hard and it's is the most effective way to get started buying shoutouts so what I will do I will just buy quality fine quality pages in the niche and I would buy five $20 shoutouts I know it cost a hundred dollars but I think this is the best way an instant way to get started and it really keeps your motivation up with all the other three

strategies this is the thing you kind of you will there's gonna come to a point where you will feel share or it's really not working I'm trying all this hard I'm putting all this work it's going nowhere so that's why I kind of share this method but if I was you I would buy shutters and I would even open a new Instagram niche page at the same time and grow that page too so I would use this to strategy if we had nothing and I would have to start from zero hope you guys got well you out of this  post if you guys literally I want you guys to go out there use this all this where you learned in this and make sure to

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