Easiest Way to Make Money on Fiverr Par day 1000$

I'm gonna show you guys how you can make $100 per day or more using fiber command the best part is you don't really need to make anything yourself or have any special skills or abilities alright guys so before I jump into the method share always if you

Easiest Way to Make Money on Fiverr Par day 1000$

out how people are making money online and to show my process the entire way I needed a logo so when I realized I needed a logo I knew there were a few different routes that I could take in order to get one the first thing I could have done was designed to local myself and I do have experience with Photoshop and illustrator but I am a horrible designer and me knew that if I tried to make the look myself it was going to be garbage so I scrapped that idea the next idea was that I could pay a designer to create

 a local for me but that is very expensive I have a friend and good friend who is a professional graphic designer and I know that local design good local design is very expensive and it's not something that I wanted to put a ton of money into because it's for my post and I wanted to start this gig

 without spending a lot of money so naturally, that led me to fiverr.com

 or you can get a logo design for relatively cheap so when I searched Fiverr calm for logo design services I stumbled across this seller named sky designer and just based off of his example work here and looking at his reviews he has four-five thousand orders and he has a five-star review so that let me know that a lot of people are using this guy share a ton of people are getting loads from him and he has a very high rating so that means his

work is probably good and at the time he was actually selling his basic package for under $40 and that's the one that I purchased just to give you guys an idea of what the local look share this is it right here so as you can see the logo is not bad i I don't mind it actually but just after I received it and I had to look at it it didn't really convey the message or image that I wanted to portray with my channel and my content so I actually sent it to my graphic designer friend to get his input and he pretty much had the same

feelings as I had he did suggest some little edits that I can do but in general, he didn't think that this was a logo that I should have gone with so I scrapped that I believe it was $37 I had spent let's just take a look here so $37 for this logo I didn't end up using it and my designer friend actually told me that this logo looks share something that was made using the Wix logo maker and at that time I had no idea what that even was so he sent me a link and this is what he sent me here so this is actually pretty cool if you're looking to create your own logo this is one thing that you could use if you don't want to spend a

a ton of money or hire a designer

 so I'm just gonna show you guys how this works really quickly essentially I'll just put that was a test one I made you're gonna go to create a new logo it's gonna ask you your name so I'll do a new puzzle we don't need a tagline I'm gonna say it's for a post I hope ok next how do you want to look or feel so I really share this whole process share how it's asking you questions as you go through to get an idea of the logos that I should show you we're going to modern

 timeless that's probably fine next and then it asks you which load was you share so I don't share either of those this one's pretty nice don't share either and don't share either of those and I mean I don't really share either those either so it's gonna be for a website real one next so it's gonna take the answers that I gave it and it's going to generate a bunch of logos for me so this is actually really cool and this is how I ended up making the logo that you guys see on my channel and the one that I use on that website so it gives you some ideas to work with and then they're actually fully customizable so if I clicked on this one I

can change share they have color schemes I guess you can instantly change the color scheme of the logo I can edit the logo text here I can change the text color right so this is really easy and for the the icon they have a ton of different icons that you can select from so share there are tons of these there really modern-looking some of them you know so this is actually how I ended up making my logo I use this and I believe so once you finished you can get your logo in now so I paid $20 American for this

 which I don't know what the math is but it probably shares close to $30 Canadian that I paid for the logo that you guys are seeing so after I had done this I had realized that the guy that I bought my logo from on Fiverr that the boy I paid thirty-seven dollars was most surely using this or something share this anyways to create my logo and if he bought it at $20 and then I purchased it from him at $37 there's

 a conversion there but he probably made share a $10 profit

 right and as you just saw it took less than five minutes to create that logo so for less than five minutes of work this guy made $10 profit which is pretty it's not bad it's decent now if I go back to his gig page here he's actually increased the price of his basic package to $56 right and that means he's probably making share 20 plus dollars per logo for the basic package so I actually stumbled across an even better way of creating logos and you can also create

 a lot of other stuff that you can sell on Fiverr and you can make a ton of money doing this guy's the website is called place it and I'm gonna leave a link in the description for you guys and I'll also pin a comment in the comment section and by the way if you guys are enjoying the post let me know in the comments below that'd be real pimp but let's get back into this so check this out place it if we go to
 logos here same idea right I'll type in new puzzle let's go pick an industry I'll just say it's for fitness because I'm in the fitness okay next so take a look at this these actually, look cooler and better in my opinion and I think the heat that the guy that I purchased my Fiverr logo from actually used this service so check this out select one from here I can change any colors there's a lot more share options in terms of what you can do but I'm gonna use my new pulse red so check that out share this is a pretty nice

 looking logo in my opinion and it took me about one second to make but what's even cooler about place it is that you can do Instagram story design they have templates for that you can do t-shirt designs that have templates for that that you can completely edit and customize and they have posts share you can sell in stores sorry you can sell typography share motion typography or intro text posts that you can just use these templates to customize and then you can sell those for share however much on Fiverr, I'm sure they're probably selling it for at least share $20 per post so basically what you're gonna do is

 copy what this guy right here is doing so one thing that you need to do in order to use this the method is you need to sign up for an account it is a monthly fee of $29 a Marik --n but if you pay this $20 American or $29 an American per month you have unlimited share

you can do unlimited logos gig  and designs

or whatever using this so let's say you're paying $29 a month for the place it and you sell your gig on Fiverr for so he's doing 56 and he actually has 30 orders in the queue right now guys so let's take a look at this

really quickly so you guys understand the potential of this a method so $56 per order and yes 30 in the queue right now that means he has 30 people that have already paid that are waiting to how their load was created by him that is 16 hundred and eighty dollars right now guys that this guy has just waiting to be collected so essentially what you would want to do is create an identical gate to this share I will design a

 logo for you you could even just go in if for for these samples here you could just go create share a few example logos take share 20 minutes half an hour to do that within the place it saves them out show them here as your example work and you can undercut this a guy by 20 dollars you could do this for share $30

 or $26 per gig as your basic price and at that point you only need to make two sales and you're already profitable because share if you're selling them at $30 the 20 million dollars a month fee that you're paying has just paid itself off and then any gigs that you do after that point and he sales that you make you're gonna be making a profit so if you price tours at 50 dollars a day which I don't recommend because you'll be a newer gig and you'll have to start share making sales to rank but if you did make sales at $50 per day to sales per day is gonna be $100 per day guys and this guy right now has

 30 orders in queue so this is a hundred percent possible

 one thing that you will need to learn here is you need to learn how to get your Fiverr gigs to a rank so people will find them and I found a pretty good post by another channel that I'm gonna leave in the I'm gonna put in a comment below as well so that post shows you step by step how to rank your Fiverr gig so you'll probably want to watch that but

 yeah guys that just came to me today and I thought I would show you guys because it's probably gonna be useful for a lot of people and just as a little bonus if you're not familiar with Fiverr there is a ton of ways that you can make money using Fiverr and I'll just throw another example in here this one is actually a lot more simple it doesn't require any investment and it's transcribing post okay so post transcription so I actually purchased this no they were allowing do pass on so I actually purchased a

 trance transcription service for one of my posts it was a tutorial post because having transcribed audio on the   post is supposed to help it rank better Oh check this out essentially all you will do and I think I paid this person here yeah so check this out she starts at $7 for a seven-day delivery so that means she has 7 days to deliver the gig and I believe I paid the $14 one because of I wanted it done quicker but basically what transcription is for the post is they will the customer is going to send you a post probably

a  post most sharply and you just need to watch the post and you need to type out the words that are set in the post in a text file and then that's transcription so this is something that's super easy and as long as you can speak English and write in English then it's gonna be so easy to do right it may take some time depending on how long the post is but if you just want to find a way to make money quickly that requires no investment and really no effort at all then this is something else that you could

 try guys alright guys so I hope you enjoyed the post again if you did enjoy and if you enjoy the content don't hesitate to share but make sure you hit the bell because if you don't are gonna let you know when I post your posts and I do post weekly so thank you guys very much for watching and I will see you in the next post

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