Earn $100 A Day Talking To Fitness People in 2020

whoo we're gonna make some money today so let me talk to you folks about how you can make up to $100 a day chatting with people in the fitness community seriously this is super targeted this is a free traffic method doesn't cost any money and you can make a lot of money in this post I'm gonna show you a site that has seven million users purely focused in the fitness industry super-targeted you can send messages for free and you can make money by selling them supplements 

Earn $100 A Day Talking To Fitness People in 2020
Earn $100 A Day Talking To Fitness People in 2020

or ebooks or a courses about fitness or whatever now I'm gonna be showing you a method to make money from this audience offering them products that they already want and you could do this from any country in the world no matter what age you are you can be 13 year-olds you can be 1,300 years old and you can make money one of three ways you can get a wire sent to your bank account you can get a cheque sent to your address or you can get a PayPal deposit sent to your PayPal

 account whatever way you want I'm gonna be showing you exactly step by step by step how to make money doing this I'm gonna be showing you from my computer folks exactly how to make this method happen so follow along take this seriously turn your phone on landscape mode or get on your laptop even better and follow along this is gonna be

 pretty exciting hello sorry you need more money the internet needs more money, okay and we're gonna get you more money I'm on it so I'm gonna be showing you how to make a hundred dollars daily chatting with people fitness folk super targeted audience seven million users niche website unsaturated any country in the world no tech skills you can do this no matter what age you are no matter what country you are don't

 need to own a company don't need to do customer service

 don't need to spend any money and you can sell them two things ebooks supplements let's get on this I'm gonna show you right here on my computer exactly how you can make this happen you can get paid a couple different ways now first let me describe exactly how this process works so first off there are three things you need to know all marketing abides by these

 three principles you need people to sell you need a group of people to sell a product tip you need a place to sell them this is a post okay you need some sort of sales material the people we're gonna find them on a site called bodybuilding.com and I'll show you this site in a second I'll show you where to post on this site in just a second and I'll give you some templates towards the end of the post that you can use line by line to actually post and make money from these folks and you need a product in which to sell people now the product we will be

selling these people is an e-book called work-at-home

secrets this was written by me it's something that everybody wants it goes over how you can work at home what the great thing is about people who are in the fitness industry is they're all into self-improvement they're all into improving themselves they're all into trying to make themselves better in some ways and everybody wants to work at home they don't want to be stuck in a day to day job and this book helps them and it costs $1 out of somebody for this book will earn you $35 a month that sounds

ridiculous John's crazy but I'm gonna show you exactly how to let's get to my computer I love making money from the internet and we're gonna get into this too so we're gonna go about this in the opposite way so first we're gonna start with getting a product of the product we're gonna sell is my book but we need to join an affiliate network in

 order to get a link that's what we need to get because the affiliate networks are gonna pay us money they're gonna pay us through either PayPal bank wire or check if you have an address a PayPal account or a bank account you'll get paid if you don't you probably shouldn't be using the internet you should probably focused on other stuff

I don't know you have other more pressing issues to handle in your life so first we're gonna join an affiliate Network I'll be showing you the best one to join in a second number two is we're gonna write a post and third is gonna be a post on bodybuilding.com and we're gonna post it up and people will view it'll go to our link they'll buy just a small percentage but what's
 great is this is all tested folks

 not everybody's gonna click on the post not everybody's gonna click on the link but a certain percentage do and it's a predictable percentage and you write enough posts you send enough messages and you make money it's not an exact science but there are numbers there are proven numbers so law of numbers is right enough messages you start making money that's all there is to it so

 now one of the links in the description will allow you to join Digi store you'll want to go to John Donnie comm backslash Digi or you could go to John Kriss Donnie comm backslash resource as you see on my screen right here and it'll bring you to this page right here which will show you the top affiliate networks to join I put in bold Digi store because it is my number one recommended affiliate network and

this has links to all of my products and once you click Digi store you will go here where you can either sign up for an account they accept people from all countries in the world and you'll fill out a bunch of information notice that company does not have an asterisk next to it I get a lot of questions about this it is not required if it had a

 asterisk next to it it would be required but it's not so you don't have to have a company you just need to have a first name and the last name those are required so once you're signed up you will go over to the marketplace right here over on the top right side of the screen you'll click marketplace and you can find the product that you will be

selling which is this book called work at home secrets it's a workbook that has exercises and it has a lot of different resources of how you can make the transition from working a job to working at home it also

 goes over what scams are out there to avoid because a lot of people who try to make the transition of working a job to working at home fall victim to a lot of scams along the way so I go over all of that and more in this book is the blueprint to working at home and you can sell it to people who can offer it to people for a dollar and

make back a lot more than that so how we can find this product

in Digi store in order to sell it is you can either search and click search for my last name which is crostini I'll spell that out for you see our est a and I it's Italian like great grandparents are from northern Italy or you can go over here to internet marketing an e-business category right there and we'll click on that and under this category you see a number of different products there's five results
 one is the book that you will be selling work at home secrets right there offering a 90 percent

commission there are some other products down here including my mainstay product which is my six-week course teaching people paid advertising called the super affiliate system which offers fifty percent commission or five hundred dollars per sale so either way whatever you choose I suggest for this purpose you want to select this one because it's much easier to get somebody to spend a dollar than it is to get people to spend a thousand dollars and

 whenever you get somebody to spend one dollar buying this book you actually end up making thirty-five dollars recurring Commission and let me show you what I'm talking about so the sales page for my product as you see it says to start working from home today and you can go down here and click the button while the production cost is only $1 the monthly cost is $39 a month this is made clear if you actually

read through the sales page as well it's made very clear to the customer as well $39 a month you get 90 percent of that so really I'm making like pennies here but basically thirty-nine dollars you get $35 a month and that adds up over time you get enough customers and you will be able to replace your current income now how fast can you

replace your current income well if you get one person to spend a dollar every day you will be making a thousand bucks recurring income with my product if you get two people a day spending a dollar to buy my book you will end up getting $2,000 a month income so that's how this works out you create recurring income by getting people into my training program because ultimately what we're doing here is we're helping people transition from working in jobs which are less cost-effective because the companies have to buy real estate and you know all this other stuff office space and food and liability insurance

 instead, you're helping people work

 in crowdsource type positions and work from home which is what people want anyways they want to hang out with their kids they you know want to be lazy they want to wake up late so we're helping people work from home and make that transition it's a big transition happening in society right now and we're helping

 people do that's what everybody wants - who doesn't want to do that who does not want to work for them if you do not want to work from home please comment below it I don't know what to say faunal work from home it seems crazy so to get our link to promote this product you're gonna want to click right here okay so we'll click right here

 and we will click copy we'll highlight that link and we'll click copy right there and I'm gonna open up a notepad and I'm actually going to host it in a little notepad right here so that I can just save it just so it's handy so I can copy it later into a message now the next step

 I'm gonna do is notice that this link is kind of big and ugly it's it doesn't look very clickable it looks kind of scammy to fix that I'm gonna go to a site called bitly com so as you see it says bitly so we'll go down here we'll paste in our link notice that's my affiliate link and we'll go over here to click shorten click shorten here's our new link we will click copy and we will go down here short link and
 there's our short link perfect so the next step we're gonna do is we're going to go to a site called bodybuilding.com bodybuilding.com has an audience of over 7 million people focused purely on fitness look at those thunder thighs right there those are huge and it's

because she's been working out that's why she looks so beautiful so we want to make sure we join the forum ok so we're gonna go over into the community right here notice there's a community tab right there that we can market to people for we're gonna click a community and what you want to do is you want to join the community see it says join the

world's largest online fitness community and why this actually really helps us out is because we want to get into rapport with people rapport is spelled RPP ort rapport means you want to get in
 conversation with people and generally speaking if you just message a random stranger on Facebook might be a little more difficult to connect with them because you're one out of two billion users on Facebook right whereas if you message somebody else who's in a fitness community it means you're part of a little group right how many people

here have heard of bodybuilding.com type in yes in the  tell me below if you have techadon know if you haven't my assumption is most people haven't heard of bodybuilding.com I haven't I consider myself

reasonably into fitness I mean look I'm wearing like a Nike you know Nike shirt I'm wearing Nike shoes I'm wearing like an SRV like pants I'm wearing all Fitness clothes I haven't even heard of
bodybuilding.com but this is the fitness community so if you're part of this community you're actually in instant rapport with other people in the community so you want to talk to people here because it gives you an in and that it is important especially if your intention is to

sell a product and make Commission's because once again we're trying to make money here we want to help out on family we don't want to be driving an hour a day each way to work we don't want to be living life, not on our own terms so this gives us a very easy way to get into conversation with people let's get into it so here we are on

bodybuilding.com and once again you're gonna want to open up the resource document that I gave you which is john Kristina comeback slash resource and you're going to want to open up right here where it says fashion-based messaging notice that link right there and we're gonna want to open that up and check out the messages I have a number of message templates that you can send people so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go into bodybuilding.com so I just signed up for
bodybuilding command there are seven million members here so realistically speaking every one of my subscribers sent 30 messages we'd be able to cover every person here which would be really exciting realistically speaking let's say 10,000 people will see this post so really if each of us sends 700 messages we will be able to get

everybody here and makes some serious cash

everybody here and makes some serious cash

everybody here and makes some serious cash

Ola so sell this book make $1 and we'll be able to make a lot of money together what we can do here is we can really just start messaging random people and here I'll just open up random profiles of people here we have Karina from Knoxville Texas jeez she looks good but really what we're interested is in not just messaging her but we can message a bunch of the people
 that have left  tell me on her profile it looks like these just keep going so we'll just open a new tab open in new tab open and chap will get all these creepy Fitness guy's creepy Fitness core not creepy for this cause but we're opening up a bunch of tabs and what we're gonna do is we're gonna send them all we're gonna go right here where it

says more this guy hot rod Poe and we're gonna leave him a comment we're gonna click more leave comment and we're gonna write him a comment right here so where we'll get the comment from is we'll get it from here hey I saw you were looking to add a little extra income to be a fitness person check out this training it helped me a lot

change up this message that I had written in the help document I'm just gonna delete this person because it's not profession-based and then I'm gonna change out my short link for this link so notice that I just replaced a few things then I'm just gonna copy this message see right here hey I saw you're looking to add a little extra income or

maybe I'll say this I see you're interested in improving your body are you also interested in improving your income check out this training it helped me a lot so we're gonna copy this message right here so I just changed up the message a little bit and feel free to change up the messaging and see what works the best for you and I'm just gonna

message this to every single person that I can I'm not a robot post comment it says one comment aloud every 20 seconds ok so it looks like to post the comment you have to remove the HTTP so I'm just gonna remove the HTTP so we're just gonna copy this message and we're gonna keep posting this over and over and over again until we hit 700 people so boom we're gonna message again boom and some of you may be thinking well what if my account gets beat for spamming we can only post a
message once every 30 seconds now this is what we do and we do this over and over and over and over and over and over and over again every 30 seconds we can post 120 messages an hour with this message and you might be thinking well what if my account gets shut down for spamming guess what it doesn't matter what if you get 10 sales that are 350 dollars extra a month what matters with this method is that I'm giving you a targeted way to get in touch with people I'm giving you a

message template that works and you have to send it out as often as possible to as many people as possible and you will start earning money once again the math on this all is is that in order to get $100 a day chatting with fitness folk you need to convince three people to spend one dollar to buy this book to help them live their dream and

work from home how many other people out there are trying to help you live your dream how many other people out there are actually listening to you trying to help you become the best version of yourself you can possibly be and reach your goals now you may end up having

conversations with people whatever you need to do to get them to spend one dollar to get closer to their true purpose of being able to work from home from spending time with their children of spending time with their maybe their sick mother or father of maybe helping them have to do that daily commute which is filled with anxiety not having to do

all the annoying stuff that comes with working in a job and having a boss now you do this every day you convince three people to spend one dollar every single day you have a $100 a day income $3,000 a month giving you 90 percent commission I've given you everything you need I've given you an audience of 7 million people and if you are in to put this into action type in I'm in type I'm all-in in the  tell me

 below if you're ready to make this work because this is easy you have a hyper-targeted audience of people who have not been hit with affiliate links and you have it all right there in front of you and you can make $100 a day you can be free I'm giving you 90 percent there's very little in this for me and everything in this for you so sell my book right no but seriously this is a huge opportunity and I
 hope you guys take advantage of this I have students all over the world making tons of money and I'm really excited to show you these targeted ways of getting messages out and if you're interested in more targeted ways of sending out messages and getting templates to type in to show me more in the  tell me below and also make sure you subscribe to my channel if you want more make money posts more posts that show you a twosie how to

start an online business and start making money without spending any money
whatsoever hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell-like the post and if you have any questions comment because we're in this together the more money you make the more money I make there are no stupid questions here unless you're asking like does this work in

Kenya because I already answered that means you didn't watch the post please unsubscribe for my channel but other than that I really look forward to helping you make a lot of money on this method put it into action get these 7 million messages out there come on folks we have 7 million messages to sent are you me okay and the last thing I actually

have a little personal question is what are your thoughts of what we do with the community I'm considering doing a few things to build a stronger community here I'm considering a Reddit I'm considering a discord and I don't know what else but let me know in the  tell me

below if you think we should have a Reddit sub-thread or a discord or something else type it in below what we should do for the community because I really want to help more people make more money again my goal this year is to become the number one marketing teacher in the world talk to you soon have a great day and let's make some money

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